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About Venezuelan sign language

Venezuelan sign language is a language of Venezuela used by the deaf in the country.
There are about 37,000 deaf people in Venezuela. Of the 37,000 deaf people (according to the last census in 2001), only 15% have finished basic education.

The Venezuelan government is therefore trying to implement improvements in the educational system in order to benefit people who are users of the sign language.
Despite these efforts, the results have been very disappointing. Teachers who translate sign language education are listening mainly to people who are unable to understand the subculture and the needs of deaf people.
This leads to a very high percentage of illiteracy among the deaf. In order to help, UBS in Venezuela wants to translate parts of the Bible into sign language to help the deaf have access to the Bible messages. They would like to translate the Gospels and the book of Acts.
With this project, they hope to reach 3,000 people from the Deaf community, who will have access to the life of Jesus through the Gospels and the book of Acts.
To achieve this goal they need to have a modest recording studio.

One of the main goals of SBUV is that every person has at least a portion of the Holy Scriptures in their own mother tongue and in doing so fulfilling our mission.
The progress of the activities of this project in 2017 has been focused on training and acquisition of the necessary equipment to launch the translation. A team of translators has been hired, training courses have been held to study the text, filming and editing. The acquisition of recording equipment was also carried out.

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You can be part of this sign language project to help deaf people in Venezuela have access to the Bible in a language they can understand.

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1ESTOS son los nombres de los hijos de Israel, que entraron en Egipto con Jacob; cada uno entró con su familia.

2Rubén, Simeón, Leví y Judá;

3Issachâr, Zabulón y Benjamín;

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